5 types and 11 sorts grades
of plywood
90 000 m³
plywood per year
Over 100 customers
from 35 countries
750 job places
75% production
for export
Tyumen plywood factory plant is an advanced and efficient production manufacturer
  • 5 types and 11 sorts of plywood to satisfy all needs and tastes;
  • Rich resource base, birch exclusively, 100% birch
  • high quality control;
  • competent management and workers. We develop our staff ourselves. Growing from beginners to highly-qualified experts;
  • We are the only producermanufacturer of bakelized plywood in Russia.
Key to our success is ongoing development

Our work builds on responsibility. We are a factory with a long record in the field of woodwork and plywood production. We are the mill with long history in woodwork and plywood manfucturing Extensive practice in the field provides us with a unique perspective of the wood and woodwork. The experience brought us deep appreciation of wood nature and its treatment.

Our work goes beyond merely selling plywood. By selling plywood we guarantee our clients professional competency and responsibility for our production. Our philosophy is not just-sell-plywood to a customer. Buying our plywood they share our competence/professionalism.

Our clients enjoy our professional competency and ambition to develop which have driven us to the top suppliers offering a wide range of wood products. The factory uses a most advanced equipment from our international partners: Angelo Cremona (Italy), Raute (Finland), Hashimoto (Japan), Kitagawa (Japan), Tai Wen (Taiwan). We deliver our products worldwide proving ability to adjust to clients` needs and modify the production accordingly. Our customers appreciate our efforts for continuous developing/grow. Our policy allowed us to become high-qualified supplier with wide range of items/types

Satisfaction and success of our clients in their competitive business environment is the best performance indicator for us.

Tyumen plywood factory is giving great attention to developing markets which serve construction industry. Besides, we keep constant business relations with our long-term customers in Russia (from Moscow to Vladivostok), the CIS and Baltic countries (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania), Europe (Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland), Asia (Japan, South Korea, Vietnam) North America (USA, Canada). Individual approach to all clients is our signature.

We specialize in serving the needs of the construction industry and other customers working in engineering, aviation and shipbuilding, as well as suppliers of building materials. We are a leading supplier of plywood products in the Urals Federal District in these industries.

We process over 150 000 m³ of veneer material per year with export share over 75 %. In the international business environment we have the reputation of a responsible producer who keeps promises. We gained long-term trust and good reputation due to superior quality and competitive price of our plywood products.

Ms. Almira Karimova

Tyumen Plywood Plant Limited

Sales dept.: +7 (3452) 63-77-68

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