Is characterized by excellent strength, stiffness and high durability.  Typical end uses of birch plywood are car industry, construction, furniture design, packaging and other areas of interior use.
has an excellent texture, high impact and moisture resistance. Ideal for construction, furniture production, packaging, interiors and inferior design.
Film-facing improves the plywood resistance to natural and chemical factors. Anti-slip, wear-resistant and easily handled surface makes this plywood ideal for applications that demand high durability: in composite structures, concrete framework systems, car-building, shipbuilding, advertising billboards and panels. Besides, film-faced surface is used for furniture production, kids playgrounds, interior design and decoration.
is produced from the best sorts of wood using sophisticated technology and advanced equipment. Both face layer and inner layer consist of a single piece of strong veneer. Extreme strength and excellent acoustic properties allow to use it in aircraft industry and musical instruments production.
High resistance to natural and chemical conditions makes bakelized plywood resistant to creep and rot. Due to its high durability it is used in manufacturing advertising billboards and constructions, transport, container walls, and flooring, formwork construction.
Our veneer is used in production of particle-board and office furniture, designer`s, exclusive and modern convenient furniture. High demand of veneer (thickness 1,45, 1,5, 1,8 mm) is due to its rich texture and inner properties.
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