I`d like to buy a few plywood sheets. Should I go to your factory?
The factory does not work with customers directly. You can buy our products paying by cash at our official representatives in Tyumen. Their contacts, telephone numbers and addresses can be found in section for individual customers.
Can you organize a delivery?
When you order 30 m3 and more we arrange delivery to your address
Do you sell by sheets?
We sell by sheets but it includes retail charges so selling wholesale is preferable and cheaper.
Can you consult me what plywood to choose?
Sure. We have prepared a web page detailing different types of plywood.
What is your film-faced plywood reusability?
Film-faced plywood by Tyumen factory can be used from 30 to 50 times, and when cleaning and applying special lubricant compound after each use, even longer.
Do you saw sheets?
No, we sell only full-size sheets.
We would like to offer your factory birch material. How can we do this?
You should contact wood material department.
We are a legal entity. What documents do we need to place an order?
We hope that every customer will become a long term partner, so we offer to enter into a long-term contract for plywood supply. To enter into a contract you need to send via e-mail to our managers copies of founding documents (company business card, articles of association, certificates of Record in the Uniform State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs/ Unified State Register of Legal Entities/Main State Registration Number, Individual Taxpayer Number, letter of appointment of authorized agent).
Do you organize delivery to..?
We can organize delivery almost to any country.
We can`t speak Russian. Can you speak any other languages?
Besides Russian, our project managers speak English, German and Turkish.
We`d like to become your distributor.
Unfortunately, now we don`t consider distribution network development.
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